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The governorate of Dhofar lies at the Southern most part of the country, bordered by the Wusta Governorate to the east, Saudi Arabia to its north and north- west, Yemen to its west and the Arabian Sea to its South. The Governorate of Dhofar with 10 Wilayats is the largest governorate in the country.

Salalah is the capital of Dhofar and is sandwiched on the plain beneath the Dhofar Mountains and is generally considered as Oman’s second city. Blessed by the South West monsoon year on year, Salalah is perhaps the Arabian Peninsula’s most verdant and only regular rain swept region.

The population of Dhofar is 250,000 (2010 census) of which 70% are Omani and the rest are expatriates.

Salalah is known for blacksmithing, the herding and breeding of livestock, needlework and embroidery and agriculture. Traditional occupations practiced in other Wilayats include harvesting of frankincense, basketwork from palm-fronds, fishing nets, bedouin occupations, needlework and embroidery. 

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