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Common Words and Phrases

Intrepid travelers all know a travel truism `Language connects like no other’.
At Mark tours, this has also been our epistle, which is why, in all our tours (except in cases where the request is otherwise), we provide effective foreign language guides. However, the joy of travelling also lies in trying to speak a few words in the local language, a very effective means of starting an extended conversation.

Here below, we have collated some usable phrases and words that will bring a smile and sometimes create laughter in your journey through Oman, a country we love so much.

Standard Greetings
Hello : al – salaam alaykum
(Response) : wa alaykum al salaam
Usually followed by
How are you? : Kef- Halak? (males)
How are you? : Kef- Halik? (females)
Fine, Thanks : zein al – hamdu lillah (by males)
Fine, Thanks : zeina al – hamdu lillah (by females)
Goodbye : ma’al salaama
To a male : alla ysalmak
To a female : alla ysalmich
To a group : alla ysallimkum

 General Personal Questions
What is your name?
To a male : shismak?
To a female : shismich?
My name is … : ismi (your name)
Where are you from? : min wayn inta?
I am from … : ana min (your place)
I understand
(by a male) : ana fahim
(by a female) : ana fahma
I don’t understand
(by a male) : ana mu fahim
(by a female) : ana mu fahma

Usable Words - Personal
Thank you : shukran
To a male : min fadhlak
To a woman : min fadhlich
OK : zein or tayib
Excuse me
To a male : lau samaht
To a female : lau samaht
To a group : lau samahtu
No problem : mafee mushkil
Impossible : mish mumkin

Directions - Questions
How do I get to? : keef boosal lil …?
How many kilometers : cham kilomets?
What street is this : shoo-hatha sharai?
Where is the… : wein al….?
How far is…? : cham yibe’id…?
I need a meachanic : ana abga mekaneeki
I have no petrol : khlas el-betrol
I have had an accident : ana a’malt hads
Where is a service station? : wayn mahattet el-betrol
I like….litres : abga ……leeter
Usable Words - Directions
Left : shimaal
Right : yimeen
Straight : ala tool
Street : shaari’
City : madina
Near : gareeb
Far : ba’eed
North : shimaal
East : sharg
West : gharb
South : janub
Airport : al-mataar
Taxi : el-taks
Bus : al-bas
Car : sayaara
Diesel : deezel
Petrol : betrol
Tour Guide : daleel seeyahe

Help me : saa’idoonee!
Call the police : itasell bil shurta!
I’m ill : ana maareed
I’m allergic : andee hasasiyya
Usable Words – Emergencies
Pharmacy : al-sayidaliyya
Doctor : al - tabbeb
Hospital : al-mustashfa
Medicine : dawa
Diarrhea : is-haal
Fever : sukhooma
Police : al-shuta

Numbers, Time & Dates
0 : sifr
1 :wahid
2 : ithneen
3 : thalatha
4 : arba’a
5 : khamsa
6 : sitta
7 : saba’a
8 : tamaniya
9 : tis’a
10 : ashra
20 : ‘ishreen
30 : thalatheen
40 : arbi’een
50 : khamseen
100 : imia

What time is it? : as – sa’a kam?
Its ….. : as-sa’a…
Monday : yom al ithneen
Tuesday : yom al-thalath
Wednesday : yom al-arbaa’
Thursday : yom al-khamis
Friday : yom al-jama’a
Saturday : yom as-sabt
Sunday : yom al-had

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