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Al Wusta


The Al Wusta Governorate covers a large area of Central Oman and consists of four Wilayats; Wilayats of Hayma, Duqum, Mahut and Jazur. Its northern side is covered by the A’Dakhliya and A’Dhahirah Governorates, the south by the Dhofar Governorate, the East by the Rub al Khali and the West by the Arabian Sea.

The Governorate is best known for its many oil wells and also for being the last refuge of the Arabian Oryx, protected at the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary situated in Wadi Jaa’luni in the Jiddat Al Harasis area of Wilayat Hayma. The Governorate also has a many salt flat areas.

The main occupation of the people of the area is animal husbandry and pasturage of camels and goats. Many people of the area also practice folk medicine, made from plants which are found in the desert. The people of the Wilayat of Duqum and Jazur are allied more to the sea and are mostly fishermen. People of this Wilayat also make fishing tools and small fishing boats.

The Governorate is the least populated and has a population of only 42,111 (2010 census) of which 73% are Omani nationals. 

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