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Al Dhahirah


The Governorate is a semi desert plain which slopes from the southern foot of Al Hajar AI Gharbi Mountains towards the Empty Quarter or the Rub al Khali. Consisting of three Wilayats, Ibri, Yanqul and Dhank, the Governorate is best known across the archeological world for the discovery of the `beehive tombs ‘at Bat, an UNESCO world heritage site.

Ibri, one of the Governorateal centers, joins the Sultanate with the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and perhaps the name itself could have been derived by the word `Abr’, which means crossing. More importantly, it is known for its oil and gas fields. The Wilayat of Yanqul has 43 towns and villages and has considerable historical wealth with its many forts and mosques. With 48 villages, the Wilayat of Dhank is best known for its falajes, many of which are used even today.

The main occupation of the people of A’Dhahirah include agriculture for the people of Yanqul, blacksmithing, farming and stock-rearing for the people of Dhank and handicraft making, leather work, pottery, wicker-work, traditional building materials and making of the Omani halva, a sweet concoction.

The total population of the Governorate is 151,664 (2010 Census)

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